PKS, Old Songs (and more Sex)

Update – 12 April 2011.

The uber-pious are at it again

PKS lawmaker ordered to recite Koran porn incident

It’s time for a laugh again, unless you happen to be one of the people caught up directly in this mob’s hypocrisy (aka Ariel aka Peter-Pan). The ever comedic PKS party threw up (pun intended) yet another contender for Bumbler of the month.  A PKS lawmaker (oh please..) was photographed using his “tablet” (tax payer provided?) to view porn during a recent session of parliament.  Caught in the classic naughty school boy mode  of trying to hide the tablet under desk as he looked at the naughty bits, our horny old toad declared he had downloaded an email by accident. This statement of course had the rest of Indonesia in stitches of laughter.

Not to be outdone and  never missing a moment to provide a laugh,  the current Champion of Comedic Hypocrisy, our very  own twittering, twisted Tifatul (and devotee of the US First Lady) was not going to be dethroned that easily.  The triple T came with a statement reminiscent of the “Who’s on First” routine in it’s sheer silliness;

Tifatul, however, defended Arifinto, saying he could not be charged under the Internet law as the legislator had “unintentionally” downloaded the porn video.

“Those transmitting and distributing porn contents are subject to the law, those downloading are not,” Tifatul said in a statement.”

Of course, looking at the pictures of Arfinto’s tablet it would appear he has downloaded unintentionally into  dozens of files.
Meanwhile Ariel serves five years gaol thanks to hypocrites, what a disgrace!

Oh and to those commentators whining Fitnah etc etc…Where are your foaming hordes demanding justice and gaol time? Where are the so called leaders crying out to protect the youth of the nation?  Feel free to explain to us all the double standards as it is beyond The Drum’s ability to explain without laughing and crying at the same time.


The main problem about shrilling your pious, sanctimonious credentials to all that will listen (and those they don’t wish to hear) is you tend to build a rod for your own back…

The Drum really doesn’t have a lot of time to write this month but could hardly resist an update for old friends.  It seems Anis Hatta and the PKS are once again the source of much smoke as reported in the Jakarta Post today.

A couple of really interesting quotes grabbed The Drums interest:

Yusuf, a PKS legislator in the House from 2004-2009, accused Anis of embezzling Rp 10 billion (US$1.15 million) in campaign funds, which he believed came from unnamed Middle East sources.

Anis said he would not sue Yusuf for defamation as it could prolong the “unhealthy debates.

“It’s an old song,” Anis said.

Now that seems mighty noble of someone whose reputation has taken a few hits of late not to sue but forgive us if we have trouble swallowing the reason why.  We would really love to know whose these unnamed Middle East sources are.  Not that it would be a surprise to find this dodgy mob has an unhealthy love affair with unnamed Middle Eastern sources,  not like they have ever been picky about the company they keep.

Meanwhile, in yet more evidence of the unhealthy obsession with sex that exists within the PKS.

Last week, Yusuf filed a report with the House’s ethics council, alleging slander by PKS chairman Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq.

“Lutfi accused me of molesting somebody else’s wife,” Yusuf said.

What a bunch of amusing but scary, weird, little guys!
Oh speaking of old songs but apropose of nothing,  the Drum’s personal favourite old song is old Eagles track “You can’t hide your *****  eyes”


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18 Responses to PKS, Old Songs (and more Sex)

  1. avatar madrotter says:

    hahahaha, those guys never fail to amuse don’t they:)

    here you go, i had a good laugh because of this article!

    underground music is bad!!!! and then he goes on about john lennon and his song imagine:) suspects it’s a zionist song:) wooohahahihihihioooo!!!!!

    • avatar Oigal says:

      Well, I must confess my ignorance as I would have never classified “Imagine” as an underground song, mainstream lolly-pop maybe but Imagine?? And what an evil message it contains “nothing to kill and die for”

      • avatar Lairedion says:

        it’s the line after that:

        “And no religion too”

        • avatar Oigal says:

          Well “no religion too” certainly would reduce the ranting murderers and I can think of at least three in Indonesia in last few months beaten to death in the name of God.

          Speaking of songs ..Crosby, Stills n Nash (Shadow Captain)
          “Too many people have died in the name of Christ for anyone to heed the call”

          Just threw that in, to show its not a Muslim thing

          • avatar Jakartass says:

            Hi Oigs.

            I’m a bit late for this particular party, but can’t resist adding the lyrics to my favourite ‘anti-piety’ song: Prey by Timbuk 3

            You never pray for peace
            You pray for victory
            You never pray for love
            You pray for abstinence
            Your mind’s stuck in reverse
            And life keeps getting worse
            You say you pray for blessings
            But it works just like a curse
            You pray for the godless ones
            The ones who will not pray
            You pray for a savior
            Who will blow them all away
            You pray on your Bible
            You pray on bended knee
            And every time you say a prayer
            You prey on me, you prey on me

            You pray to God each day
            That your son won’t turn out gay
            And your daughter won’t bring home
            Someone like me

            You pray with every breath
            You love the Lord to death
            You’re killing him with your kindness
            Don’t you see?

            You pray He’ll crush the enemies
            Of your sexual oppression
            You pray He’ll send a virus
            That will teach us all a lesson

            And for all the unwed mothers
            In this whole knocked-up city
            And all the unborn children
            Who will never feel your pity

            You pray on your Bible
            You pray on bended knee
            And every time you move your mouth
            You prey on me, you prey on me

          • avatar Oigal says:

            Hi J,

            That’s great…Mind if I use it for a post on a slow day? With due credit of course :-).

            Sorry I have been very remiss (but busy, it that’s an excuse). I need to link you here yet

  2. avatar madrotter says:

    “senior FPI member and purported Islamic music “expert” Farid Budi Fahri”


    • avatar Oigal says:

      Now there’s a contradiction in terms.

      Again though this is where the Media lets Indonesia down. I could be surprised but I reckon a quick interview with Budi on chords and the old (or new) masters would quickly expose him for what he is.

  3. avatar Lairedion says:

    Bands like Skrewdriver would be acceptable for the FPI….

  4. avatar ET says:

    and then he goes on about john lennon and his song imagine:) suspects it’s a zionist song:

    It’s clearly understandable. Look at John Lennon’s nose.

  5. avatar Lairedion says:

    Remind me of that song Jagalah hati they hijacked from Aa Gym, another failed persona by the way, during the 2004 elections:

    Jaga.. Jaga… Jaga… Jaga… Jagalah hatimu
    Jangan… Jangan… Jangan biarkan kotori hatimu

    Jagalah hati jangan kau kotori
    Jagalah hati lentera hidup ini
    Jagalah hati jangan kau nodai
    Jagalah hati cahaya illahi

    Bila hati kian bersih, pikiran pun kian jernih
    Semangat hidup kan gigih, prestasi mudah diraih
    Namun bila hati busuk, pikiran jahat merasuk
    Ahlak kian terpuruk, jadi mahluk terkutuk

    Bila hati kian suci, tak ada yang tersakiti
    Pribadi menawan hati, ciri mukmin sejati
    Namun bila hati keruh, batin selalu gemuruh
    Seakan dikejar musuh, dengan Allah kian jauh

    Bila hati kian lapang, hidup sempit tetap senang
    Walau kesulitan datang, dihadapi dengan tenang
    Tapi bila hati sempit, segalanya makin rumit
    Seakan hidup terhimpit, lahir batin terasa sakit

    • avatar Oigal says:

      As Gym, Isn’t he another bloke with a couple of extra wives on the side?

      • avatar Lairedion says:

        Yup, the same guy who argued against polygamy in his earlier days. Now if people want to have multiple wives be my guest but, like the PKS with their smug pious faces, just shut the f**k up.

        • avatar Oigal says:

          Indeed Lairedon,

          I like most of the world could not give a toss if these ijits have found some poor lass with such low self esteem she would willingly rub naughties with them. Just stop trying to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

  6. avatar madrotter says:

    well, i guess you all saw/read the al jazeera report, so the fpi got army backing (not really news only now it’s confirmed i guess) so that means they got guys who know about music! those guys got marching bands!

    first album from skrewdriver is still one hell of a great album lairedion:) that’s before ian stuart turned the band into a nazi skinhead band, all skrewed up, one of the great classic first wave punk albums, i used to have it, bought it in ’77:)

    A Gym, bloody hell, jl. geger gelong isn’t far from my house, it’s a lot less busy then it used to be since he hooked up with his new model wife:)

  7. avatar Lairedion says:

    Here’s another one for your collection:

    Anggota Fraksi PKS Akui Lihat Video Mesum

    PKS Legislator Denies Downloading Porn in DPR

    Interesting articles. He admitted watching it but he denied downloading it. And was it a video or pictures? Opening an e-mail attachment from an unknown sender in a fairly public space like the DPR? Very shaky statements altogether.

    My view: he couldn’t resist to open it and as a result he was caught with his pants down.

  8. avatar Oigal says:

    To last couple of commentators who tried to defend this mob of ######. Feel free to do so and I encourage it as it is worth a laugh watching people turn themselves inside out. However find another name and remove the links to your insurance companies and travel agency blogs. The Drum has no interest in promoting the parasitic insurance industry or the “religion demanded” travel industry (?) which in Indonesia in particular has lot to answer for.

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