Indonesia wins big AUD dollars

Indonesia is the big winner in Australia’s new budget. Whilst Australian’s take service cuts virtually across the board, Indonesia is granted additional Millions to splurge.

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Sadly it appears that the GRAND OL DAME of Blogs in Indonesia is dying a death of neglect.. Hence the time has come for the flies to leave the rump… THE DRUM HAS UP STAKES AND MOVED TO OIGAL ON … Continue reading

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Bali Corruption on You Tube?

The (un)social media is abuzz with latest Indonesian “tourist” video allegedly showing a tourist being educated on the interesting concept of Indonesian Justice. The 4 minute plus video shows a local Bali policeman taking cash in return to “help” the tourist avoid a somewhat lengthy and costly court appearance. As it turns out the Dutch “tourist” was a trouble professional and set-up the non-too-bright police with a hidden camera which provides more than a few laughs. There is also a sequel exposing similar cash “magic” at the airport and a hugely amusing exchange with the local money exchangers.

None of this is a surprise to anyone who lives in Indonesia. A Bali tourist is essentially a walking ATM, when in Bali it pays to remember that if he/she is smiling at you then they are scamming you (or about to). Meanwhile Bali’s Governor and ex police chief bemoans the video as ruining Bali’s image as a tourist destination which is probably over doing the poor me victim thing a bit. Bali somehow still manages to draw incredible numbers of the middle to low class tourists despite years of infrastructure neglect coupled with filthy, sewer contaminated, 3rd rate beaches with aggressive and generally dishonest hawkers. It has been many many years since the Stump could recommend Bali as a holiday destination, visitors are far better off trying Malaysia or even Vietnam.

Tellingly and bizarrely, the corrupt policeman has drawn considerable sympathy with some sections of the Indonesian and even expatriate community.

Confessional: Would the Stump pay a bride? Of course! Why on earth would we waste our time with nonsensical formal (cough) justice system. Besides it is amusing to see how far these pumped up, parodies will debase themselves for a dollar (or less). Oh and spare us the poor bugger me line about how little the Police earn. Show me the copper who joined the force for the good of the community and who did not bride his way in from the get go as a means to exploit others for personal gain then you might have a case, in the mean time..forget it.

On related matters (and to Madrotters even lasting joy) it would appear that the net is closing on that pious and sanctimonious Bandung Mayor DADA with a travel ban being applied to him and several of his high powered “business” friends under investigation for corruption. Mayor DADA has never been backward in proclaiming his religious right to judge and condemn others and it is rewarding to see Karma in action. Always remember when someone shakes your hand and claims a connection to God…WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY.

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REFUGEES AND MORONS – Which do we keep

Well it has been like ten centuries since I have updated this blog but I guess that is what happens when you have life. Let’s be honest “I have a blog” is still not in the top ten “I am an interesting person to know” suggested opening remarks.

So why now? The honour for getting me off the proverbial stump must go to a commentator on an earlier Refugee Post by the name of “Tommy”. Frankly I am tired of listening to xenophobic idiots like Tommy and his clay brained counterparts. We even have own clay brained expatriate version here in Indonesia (Rosie and its seven regular racists). It would be funny if it was not so sad, watching an expatriate accusing other people in far more dire circumstances of being economic refugees.

There is no doubt Australia’s immigration program (for that matter, Australia’s targeted final population size) needs a robust debate. Unfortunately it would appear the grown-ups have left the table and the nasty little kids are controling the agenda. What I find really frustrating is the sheer dishonesty and/or ignorance of those screaming the loudest. A quick read of Tommy’s comments (Tommy is but a parody here) will highlight any number of the classic myths and ignorance that hinder any real dialogue:

• They are taking our jobs – Dear Numpties, Australian Unemployment is at a decades level low and besides until they are assessed and cleared Asylum seekers are not allowed to have jobs.
• They all want to imposed Sharia Law – Dear numpties, please point out exactly which state or terrorist that has imposed Sharia law.
• All those Muslims from East Timor blah blah….(Idiots…East Timor is primarily Catholic)


The really important part to note about the shrillers is the way they do not even have the honesty to declare the under lying racism for what it is. For the sake of conversation, let’s just call the inherent Islam-phobia as just another slimy appendage of the racist. Never once will you hear them ranting and raving about huge numbers of White European (nominally Christian) Visa jumpers that arrive every day Australia by plane. Never once will you hear them complaining about the repugnant old White Australia Policy that brought hundreds of thousands of lower class Englishmen (on taxpayer assisted passage) known as the ten pound poms and whose economic and cultural worth is at best dubious.

Ask any of these self proclaimed Islam experts any question beyond Islamic Death rays and the failure of the Australian Education System is there for all to see.

The stump says again “yes here should be a debate but it has to be taken out of the hands of the morons and the no vision, sound bite politicians”. More importantly when the idiots mouth off then they must always be reminded of the truism, “YOU ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN OPINION BUT NOT YOUR OWN FACTS”

And for “F” sake Australia let’s not allow the hijacking of the conservative movement like they have it the US by morons and hillbillies.

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The Battle of Balikpapan

Continuing the World War Two theme, not many people know that the last major land battle in the Pacific in World War 2 took place in Borneo Indonesia. The following is a brief description of that battle. Once again it is written from an Australian perspective as Indonesian records are virtually non existent and with the passage of time even the oral history has faded away. I can tell you that the Dayak tribes of the region were valuable allies to the troops and took much delight in relieving wayward Japanese Soldiers of their heads.
Often this was done in exchange for “gilders” although one old veteran told me “You had to check each and every head as the cheeky buggers kept slipping heads of migrants from other islands that had been brought to Borneo first by the Dutch and later the Japanese as indentured workers”

Over seventy years ago, Australian troops landed at Balikpapan, Borneo, this was the site of the last major ground operation of World War II. It was one of the most controversial operations of the war because many Australian military commanders considered it strategically unsound.

BALIKPAPAN, on the east coast of Borneo, was the scene of some of the fiercest fighting of 1945. It was fought by troops of the 7th Division, whose three brigades were together on operations for the first time in the war.
This formation was commanded by Major General E.J. “Teddy” Milford, a regular soldier and Duntroon graduate who had served with artillery units during World War 1.

Milford’s three brigade commanders _ Fred Chilton, Ivan Dougherty and Ken Eather were all citizen soldiers who had commanded battalions.
Chilton was a solicitor, Dougherty a school teacher, and Eather a dental mechanic.
Like other operations in Borneo, the capture of Balikpapan was largely unnecessary. It had been in the planning stages for some months, although General Sir Thomas Blamey had suggested abandoning in May, 1945.

According to official historian Gavin Long: “Balikpapan’s only strategic value would be as a base from which to launch an expedition against Java, which was a purely political objective since it would not matter militarily whether that part of Japan’s crumbling empire was lost or held.”

In June, it was estimated that the Japanese had about 3,900 troops at Balikpapan, plus another 1,100 Japanese and Formosan (Formosa is now Taiwan) workers. At Samarinda, further north, there were another 1,500 Japanese troops.
Balikpapan had a port with seven piers, an oil refinery and a large number of warehouses. The town itself was built around the eastern headland of Balikpapan Bay; the coastal plain was narrow. On the hills which rose steeply from this plain were two airfields.
Heavy timber obstacles embedded offshore studded the likely landing beaches; ashore the Japanese had prepared concrete strongpoints and bunkers and had at least 112 artillery pieces.

Milford had about 21,000 troops in his division. As well, he had massive naval and air support.
The preliminary operations started on June 15, when a naval covering force arrived. As the minesweepers worked, four American cruisers, two Australian (the Shropshire and the Hobart) and 13 destroyers started a bombardment of the Japanese batteries. The ships fired 23,000 shells at targets ashore over the next 15 days.

From June 26, underwater demolition teams blew gaps in the offshore obstacles; on the same day troops of the 7th Division left Morotai in a convoy of more than 100 ships.
Bill Spencer was in the Queensland 2/9th Battalion aboard the landing ship Kanimbla. He recalled that General Sir Thomas
Blamey was on board, moving from deck to deck speaking with the Diggers. Blamey addressed the troops from the quarter deck, telling them their fate would be decided in Washington and London.
“It may well be that some of you with long-term service will be given a spell, a spell which you have earned. I know the 2/9th will want to be in the thick of it.”

To which a Digger retorted: “Pigs arse!”
When Blamey finished his speech, the same Digger called out: “Aren’t you coming with us?”
According to Spencer, the interjections were “spot on”.

Milford decided that, because of the tremendous air and naval support, he would land his brigades at Klandasan, the very heart of the Japanese defences. This, he considered, would be more economical in the long run than landing in a less strongly held area and fighting his way along to the key objective.

On the morning of July 1, 1945, two brigades landed on a 1,800-metre stretch of beach, the 18th on the left and the 21st on the right. The 18th Brigade was to secure the beachhead to a depth of about 1km, and advance north and north-west. The 21st Brigade’s job was to secure a covering position about 800 metres deep and then to advance north and east along the coast. One of 18th Brigade’s battalions, the 2/10th, was ordered to capture a feature named Parramatta, which overlooked the beach and had to be taken before any build-up of troops could begin.

It was a Japanese fortress, with tunnels connecting strongpoints and bunkers. The 2/10th was commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Tom Daly, a regular officer, who would end his career as army chief of staff. Daly had support of the guns of one cruiser, a battery of field artillery and Australian tanks. He planned accordingly, to use this firepower in his attack.

But as Daly prepared to attack, he discovered the naval fire and field artillery were unavailable and the tanks were bogged on the beach. He pressed on; hoping speed of the attack would stop the Japanese from reorganising.

One company took a key piece of terrain just short of the Parramatta feature but lost – killed or wounded – nearly half the men in the forward platoon. About 11.40am on that day, the tanks arrived and the field artillery was in action. By 2.12pm, Daly’s men and six tanks secured Parramatta. On the second day, the 2/14th Battalion, prominent at Kokoda in 1942, swept along the coast without opposition – unlike their attack on the Japanese stronghold overlooking an airfield at Manggar. A navy gunnery officer in radio communication with the warships climbed a rickety 30-metre airfield control tower to direct the bombardment.

After two weeks of fighting, nearly 1,800 Japanese were dead and 63 taken prisoner.
Australian casualties were 229 killed and 634 wounded.
Queenslanders of the 25th Brigade took the heaviest losses in close country, where the heavy weapons were of less use than around Balikpapan itself.

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Sumatra Death Railway

Well something a bit different. By default and a bit of personal history I am always interested in military history so I have dug up an old presentation on the Japanese occupation of Indonesia. It is curious and perhaps symptomatic of the Indonesian Education system that the horrors inflicted by the Japanese on Indonesia barely register with the majority of Indonesians. Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia have detailed and highly researched educational resources available yet Indonesians pretty much ignore a critical time in their collective history.

Of course, the reality is there is a lot that occurred during the occupation and immediately after, that are at odds with the myth of the brave Indonesian freedom fighters and perhaps that is partly the reason. Never the less compare the presentation below of the Sumatra Death Railway and its evil twin the Thailand Death Railway

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Can you hear the people yet…

Considering all that is going on around the world and much much closer to home and with the abject failure of those who can and should know better.  It is time for the Henry Lawson view of the world.  After the simply absurd comments in yesterdays local paper highlighting the contempt that the arrogant ones hold for the rule of law and the dignity common man then Henry says it better than all the rest…



Sing the strong, proud song of Labour,

Toss the ringing music high;

Liberty’s a nearer neighbour,

Than she was in days gone by.

Workmen’s weary wives and daughters

Sing the songs of liberty;


Men hail men across the waters,

Men reply across the sea.

We are marching on and onward

To the silver-streak of dawn,

To the dynasty of mankind

We are marching on.


Long the rich have been protected

By the walls that can’t endure;

By the walls that they erected

To divide them from the poor.

Crumbling now,

they should not trust them,

For their end is drawing near;

Walls of Cant and walls of Custom,

Walls of Ignorance and Fear.

Tyrants, grip your weapons firmer,

Grip them firmly by the helves;

For the poor begin to murmur

Loudly now among themselves.

Hear us dare to say that Heaven

Gave us equal rights with you,

Dare to say the world was given Unto all and not the few.

Tell us that the law has risen,

Make us bend beneath its sway,

Throw our leaders into prison,

Wrong us in the light of day.

Drive us to our dens,

forgetting All our woe as greed forgets,

While our weapons we are whetting

On your levelled bayonets.

Treat us like the beasts you’d make us,

Pen us close in wretched sties.

‘Til our patience shall forsake us,

And like wolves we will arise.

Louder still for this shall rattle Rifle shots,

and sword blades ring

On the blood-wet fields of battle

In the days of reckoning.

We shall rise to prove us human,

Worthy of a human life,

When our starved and maddened women

Lead our armies on to strife.

When our war hymns wake the valleys,

And the rushing missiles shriek

From your barricaded alleys,

‘Til your cannon cease to speak.

Then when Mammon Castle crashes

To the earth and trampled lies,

Then from out the blood and ashes True Republics shall arise.

Then the world shall rest a season (First since first the world began)

In the reign of right and reason

And the dynasty of man.

Historical Note.. For any that are interested in the flag above and why it should be the Flag of Australia not the cringe worthy, colonial relic currently being used try here


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Jetstar – What a shocker

While we foreigners tend to complain and moan about things from time to time.  A trip back to the West certainly tends to make you appreciate the little things in a smile


JETSTAR Melbourne to Perth. JQ 968 – 2 Oct 2011


A Special Thanks for the inspiration of this articles must go to those Jetstar Representatives on Melbourne to Perth, Flight JQ 968 – 2 OCT 2011.  Your attitude, demeanor, and sheer arrogant bloody minded personalities would make a night flight with Freddy Kruger Airlines preferable to flying with you lot again. To the po faced, over weight cow that took great pleasure in ramming the drinks trolley (you pay) into the knees of any passenger who had the temerity to let their knee drift into aisle in their sad attempt to prevent permanent joint damage, may your chickens turn into emus and kick your outhouse down.

Just for you Dear Flight Attendant Harkonea, unfortunately the xenophobic and paranoid security protocols that infect all aspects of travel within Australia prevented the appropriate response to your purposely ramming people’s knees.   However I trust you will understand the next time when walking down a Perth street and a stranger named Karma races up and kicks you fair in the crutch.

One has to ask what one has done and what combination of ancient powerful curses and assorted hexs has been invoked for a traveler to be condemned to fly the Mangy Roos skinflint, mongrel bastard offspring better know in a ultimate tribute to irony as Jetstar. The unwary journeyman fresh from being dotted upon by Asian Airlines  is easy prey for this corporate coven of aged, sour faced harpies and troll like attendants with wizened grasping claws and ear grating shrine. The traveler’s tortured descent into the Dante’s seven layers of (airline) hell begins the moment they approach the check in counter with disembodied voice, amplified and further distorted by a crackling sound system warn ominously of the penalties should any uppity peons try to sneak onto their cylinder of travel with more that two pieces of hand carried luggage (We will take it off you and IF WE FEEL like it we might send on a later plane).

Seriously when will Australia dump this tax payer funded, protected nest of no-hopers and declare OPEN SKIES.



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Muslimac Death Rays

As one of Indonesia’s more bizarre expat looney-con bloggers has recently been proclaiming the English Defence League as a bastion of patriotism and defenders of English values.  The Drum figures it is only fair to post the EDL’s latest warning on Muslimac Death Rays.

Fortunately we are also warned about Shanon and Iraq Law coming to get us…


We still maintain the only difference between these intolerant, ignorant idiots and organizations like the FPI is the maintenance of “the rule of law”.


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I’ve been to Bali too

A nice change of pace (and something for TIMDOG) a retro eighties look at the Holiday Destination of choice for successive bogan generations.  Some nice shots of 80’s Bali and it’s amusing to listen to the vocalist pull the p*ss out of the tourists.





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